WiFi box streams YouTube and other videos to your HDTV

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WiFi box streams YouTube and other videos to your HDTV

AirLive launched a really interesting device for owners of HDTVs. The AirMedia 3000 is called a “wireless multimedia server”, but it really is nothing else but a Wi-Fi box that plugs in your TV and is able to stream content from the home computer and the Internet.


The Internet part is quite interesting, since browser thing enables you to see the movies using Flash technology (we didn’t receive information whether it will support Microsoft Silverlight format), and this one will not give you the still limited YouTube results like the iPhone.

The AirMedia 3000 inlcudes a zoom function, which enables users to stretch the videos into full screen mode. Just don’t expect any improvements in picture quality.

We have to mention that the AirMedia 3000 would have deserves a nicer design, this box is just plain ugly and will look out of place in amost family rooms. The device is scheduled to become available in Q2 and should cost about $50.