GDC Conference visited by record 18.000 visitors

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GDC Conference visited by record 18.000 visitors

San Francisco (CA) – The recently completed Game Developers Conference had a record turnout. This was probably caused by larger number of exhibitors at the conference which was a mixture of lectures, head-hunting and the conventional trade show. GDC had more than 400 sessions which were mostly packed even on the final day when guys from CryTek held several very interesting sessions.

In an official statement, CMP Media said GDC 08 had more than 18,000 visitors which is an impressive 23% increase over last year.  In order to improve its chances of passing the 20.000 visitor mark for 2009, CMP Media made a significant scheduling change: GDC 09 will be held at the very end of March (23rd-27th). Location will of course, remain the same: Moscone Center in San Francisco.

For a seasoned globetrotter and conference raider, GDC is slowly, but certainly, turning into must see event for both companies and developers.