Eye of Judgment expansion announced for Playstation 3

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Eye of Judgment expansion announced for Playstation 3

Foster City (CA) – Sony has announced details, including a firm release date, for the second set of cards for the Playstation Eye killer app “The Eye of Judgment”.

The Eye of Judgment is a trading card game that uses the Playstation Eye to capture on-screen all the action.  Users play with physical cards while the PS3 brings the game to life.

A total of 100 new cards will be in The Eye of Judgment Set 2.  Additionally, a new game update will be released to include all the additional information for the second series of cards.

The update will also include improve graphic displays during the game, an in-game encyclopedia, and enhanced online functionality.  Sony also said it will finally have official online tournaments, something that owners of the original game have been wanting for months.

The Eye of Judgment Set 2 series of cards will be available on March 27.