AMD’s New York Fab to begin construction in Summer of 2008?

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AMD's New York Fab to begin construction in Summer of 2008?

Malta (NY) – Even though AMD has been going through an increasingly difficult period, plans for the future are not getting sidetracked.  Earlier today (Feb 25th), AMD reps filed zoning amendments and an environment impact study for a new fab with the Malta NY Town Board.

According to an article in The Daily Gazette, plans for AMD’s future Fab in New York State have now expanded to potential 1465 employees, up from 1200 that were envisioned with the original plan.

This spells good news for the region if AMD decides to build a factory in Luther Forest Technology Campus. State of New York is ready to shell out 1.2 billion dollars in incentive package if troubled chipmaker decides to build a 3.2 billion dollar facility. Now, here comes the interesting bit. Even though AMD hasn’t officially announced that the company will build the Fab, AMD wants permission to start clearing land and prepare for construction during this coming summer, and a building permit to be ready by January 1st, 2009.

More details about the Fab itself also surfaced. It seems that design of the Dresden complex was so successful (AMD has room to build up to five Fabs in Dresden) that AMD plans to do the same thing in NY state. First phase would include building one clean room (wafer manufacturing facility), with the room to expand the factory complex to three clean rooms, and bring the head count of the company to 20,000 mark and beyond. If AMD expands the complex to three clean rooms, it will overspill the complex from the city of Malta to a connect Malta and Stillwater counties.

Currently, AMD employs around 16,000 people worldwide, so the New York plan could employ more than 4,000 people.