Motorola unveils desktop WiMax modem

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Motorola unveils desktop WiMax modem

Chicago (IL) – As expected, Motorola showed off its first production-ready consumer WiMax modem at the WiMax World USA conference today. The company also had a fully functional Wi-Fi/WiMax router on display.


We did not keep track of the people surrounding the Motorola booth at WiMax World, but we feel quite confident that the CPEi300 along with the CPEi800 were two of the main showstoppers on the showfloor. Both devices not only looked surprisingly stylish for being “just” broadband modems, but they looked final enough to go into mass production tomorrow.

The CPEi300 will be Motorola’s initial WiMax consumer offering on desktops. The modem is wrapped into a beautifully designed cylinder, slightly smaller than a 100-CD spindle. The hardware is based on Intel’s 2250 (Rosedale 2) chipset which is compliant with 802.16e-2005 (2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands), commonly referred to as mobile WiMax.    

On the backside, the modem has one Ethernet port as well as two analog phone ports. Motorola said that the CPEi300 will ship in Q4 and will be available for about $200.

The company also had a prototype of the CPEi800, which will combine Wi-Fi and WiMax functionality. Wrapped in a stylish piano black design, the 800 integrates two phone as well fourth Ethernet ports as well as. The device is scheduled to be available in H2 2008.