A sticker that can lock down notebooks

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A sticker that can lock down notebooks

East Longmeadow (MA) – Secure-It has introduced a new kit that promises to be more effective in locking down notebooks and tracking down stolen computers.


The company’s “Stop-Lock”, at first sight, is just a sticker that is placed on the lid of a notebook. On a closer look, the sticker turns out to be a metal plate that houses a lock to attach a cable that is commonly used to lock down a notebook to a certain physical location. The plate is stamped with unique barcode information that registers the computer with a national database.

It is virtually impossible to remove the metal plate from the lid without damaging a notebook and even if it is forcefully removed, it will leave a very distinct mark. According to its manufacturer, it takes 800 pounds of pressure to remove the metal plate. For instances where the plate will be removed, the gel used to glue the plate onto the lid will leave a permanent “tattoo” with a “Stolen Property” stamp and a toll free telephone number.

Secure-it says that this strategy will ensure that a stolen PC will not be resold. However, the tattoo of course will be practically worthless in all those cases where a notebook is stolen because of its content on it and not because of its hardware value. We were not able to reach and the manufacturer and clarify how the tattoo actually can be removed in cases of stolen notebooks being successfully returned to the owner.

The Stop-Lock kit retails for $40 and includes the sticker plate, a six foot steel cable, a lock with two keys, alcohol prep cleaner, adhesive gel activator and a carrying pouch.