Motorola to debut consumer WiMax modem

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Motorola to debut consumer WiMax modem

Schaumburg (IL) – Motorola will be unveiling what is expected to be one of the first WiMax modems that will be available to consumers. The CPEi 300 will debut at WiMax World USA this week.

WiMax is finally going to get some shape with real products for end-consumers. Motorola’s new modem is actually a desktop product that, according to the manufacturer will be available (to WiMax operators) in the fourth quarter of this year. With some luck, these devices should reach first WiMax subscribers within half a year.

The CPEi 300 is not aiming to attract the typical crowd of geeky first adopters, but Motorola is strictly targeting the device to provide “wireless broadband connectivity to the unserved or underserved.” The modem will include one data port for basic, data-centric operations and two analog terminal adaptors (ATAs) so end users can plug in their existing analog phones for VoIP service.

Motorola said that the CPEi 300 is fully compliant to the IEEE 802.16e-2005 technology standard and will be delivered for WiMax Forum certification to ensure interoperability among the global WiMax ecosystem. Despite the fact that 802.16e is typically described as “mobile WiMax”, the manufacturer said that “that mobile WiMax is an excellent choice for operators because it can deliver higher throughput, resulting in a better end user experience for fixed applications.”

At the heart of the modem is Intel’s WiMax Connection 2250 chipset, the firm’s second-generation WiMax SoC, previously code-named “Rosedale 2”.