Playstation 3 Home pushed back to 2008

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Playstation 3 Home pushed back to 2008

Tokyo (Japan) – Sony’s ambitious virtual world for its PS3 console has been pushed back by at least several months to “meet the needs” of users.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai announced the delay, saying it is necessary to “truly meet the needs and feedback of the users.”

The service was initially planned for release next month but now it will not be available to the public until at least spring 2008.  Home was also supposed to move into a public beta by now.  However, it remains on a restricted private beta access level.

Sony is also looking into ways to market the service, not just to PS3 owners but to advertisers as well.  There are numerous outlets for sponsored spaces, including a movie theater room for trailers and virtual picture/video screens throughout the environment.

At E3 two months ago, Sony demonstrated Home using a completely different design scheme than it originally showed at the Game Developer’s Conference just a few months earlier.  Reports from early beta testers also suggest that updates to the service have been delayed on numerous occasions.