Yahoo tops Internet ranking for August

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Yahoo tops Internet ranking for August

Reston (VA) – Yahoo nabbed the most online market share last month, edging out Google by less than a 1% lead.

According to Comscore data released today, Yahoo scored just over 135 million unique visitors, accounting for 74.6% of all users, while Google took in 128.5 million, or 70.9% of all users.

Time Warner placed third with 124 million unique visitors, followed by Microsoft at 118 million and Fox Interactive at 80 million.

The top 10 were rounded out by Ebay (79.5m), Amazon (54m), (52m), Wikipedia (48m), and Viacom (45m).  These rankings are the same as they were last month.  The site that gained the highest month-to-month relative change in unique viewership was HandHeld Entertainment, which went from 1.5 million unique viewers to 6.3 million. remained the top-reaching ad service, reaching 89% of Internet users, followed by ValuClick (89%) and Yahoo (74%).  Google placed fourth with a reach of 73%.