eBay hits web, tv and movies in new fall ad campaign

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eBay hits web, tv and movies in new fall ad campaign

San Jose (CA) – eBay will be spending millions on new ads targeting web, television and movie viewers this fall.  Featuring the slogan, “It’s better when you win it”, the ads show people racing after a radio, much like horses or dogs race on a track.  The ads also end with another slogan “shop victoriously”.

According to eBay senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer Gary Briggs, the company wants viewers to feel the exhilaration of winning items and getting great deals on eBay.

The ads will go up on television and more than 23000 movie theater screens.  Online ads will also appear on major websites like Yahoo, MSN and AOL.  Briggs says eBay hopes to hit 90% of the online audience with its ads.

eBay will also be rolling out gift cards within the next few weeks.  Briggs says further details will be coming soon.

You can view one of the commercials here.