Playstation 3, PSP firmware nudged up to next level

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Playstation 3, PSP firmware nudged up to next level

Foster City (CA) – Sony has announced new firmware updates for the PS3 and PSP, adding functional enhacements to both platforms.

Version 1.93 of the PS3 firmware fixes a problem that came up with version 1.92.  The glitch would cause users to randomly disconnect from the Playstation Network, an annoyance that happened to coincide with the launch of Warhawk, which relies heavily on the online service.

The PSP, meanwhile, will sit at version 3.71 with the new update.  Among the enhancements is a more streamlined process for customizing the system’s menu theme.

It also allows users to look through their PSP images while playing back music tracks.  Currently, music playback will get cut off if users try to open another file of any kind.

According to Playstation Network director Eric Lempel in a post on the official Playstation blog, several other features are included in the updates.  They will be available “in the next few days”.