World Series of Video Games closes shop in middle of tournament

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World Series of Video Games closes shop in middle of tournament

Los Angeles (CA) – The World Series of Video Games has come to a screeching halt as event organizers were unable to secure enough sponsorship revenue.

The worldwide video game competition, created by US-based Games Media Properties, included melees of Counter-Strike, Gears of War, Guitar Hero II, Quake 4, and World of Warcraft.

GMP already presented World Series of Video Games competitions in Louisville and Dallas.  In these competitions, total cash awards totaled from around $7,000 for Guitar Hero II to around $30,000 for World of Warcraft.  Apparently GMP’s revenue couldn’t match those amounts.

“The continuing challenges of securing adequate revenues to sustain the production of the WSVG’s large scale events and television programming, in a very crowded field of competitive gaming leagues, has prompted us to re-evaluate our direction as an organization,” said GMP in an official statement.

The October 18 – 21 event in Los Angeles, which was supposed to coincide with the new “E for All” expo, has been canceled along with the rest of the previously scheduled events.  Other competitions had been slated for London and Jonkoping, Sweden.

Although the World Series of Video Games had a successful run in 2006, and it seemed to be in full force earlier this year, it came into conflict with another tournament organizer.  The Championship Gaming Series has taken much of the video game tournament attention from sponsors and advertisers.  It also struck a deal with DirecTV, which no doubt helps substantially in guaranteeing a revenue stream.

GMP said it will still honor the prizes awarded to the competitions that already took place this year.