Free iPhone unlock manual making the rounds on the Internet

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Free iPhone unlock manual making the rounds on the Internet

Chicago (IL) – Today we came across yet another free iPhone lock kit on the Internet, which – other than previously published methods – is free, only software-based and apparently complete.


The tutorial, published on a Norwegian website, is the most transparent we have seen so far and is easy enough to be followed even by pretty much any user who knows his way around a computer. describes a process that applies for Windows PC and iPhones that have been or have not been activated. There are many “if’s” in this manual, which makes the unlocking process a time-consuming effort. However, there are links to all the files required in the process as well as software, such as iBrickr, which opens up the iPhone for software downloads, ringtone installation, third party software installations and file uploads, as well as OpenSSH clients.

The actual unlocking process is done via connecting an OpenSSH client to the iPod via Wi-Fi. After about one hour of moving around files and installing applications on your phone, the manual promises the iPhone to be unlocked and to be available for use with any SIM card.

Our take:
We have heard of iPhone users who were able to actually unlock their iPhone using this method. In our case, the unlock however failed and left us standing in the rain in the middle of the unlocking process. We are told than some of the file transfers may not have worked before, so we will run through the manual and do it again a little later. As of now, the (previously de-activated) iPhone works just fine with an added capability of an application and ringtone installer, so we haven’t really wrecked the phone just yet.

However, we strongly recommend that before you are planning to unlock your iPhone, read through the process and understand the implications of your actions.