Guitar Hero moves to PC, Mac in third installment

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Guitar Hero moves to PC, Mac in third installment

Los Angeles (CA) – Guitar Hero III will be the first in the series for the Wii and Playstation 3, and now the game’s developer says it will also come to computers for the first time.

The sleeper hit of the 2000s, Guitar Hero has become a hit among rhythm game enthusiasts.  The first title was only available on the Playstation 2, with the Xbox 360 added to the mix for Guitar Hero II.

Guitar Hero III will be branching out even more with the Wii, PS3, and even Nintendo DS.  Red Octane announced this week it will also be available for the PC and Mac.

Aspyr Media, which is working on development of the computer versions, said the PC version will be playable online and will ship with a USB guitar controller.  Specific details about the Mac version were not as solid.

The game will also use computer-specific controls.  Speaking to Gamespot, Aspyr said, “Since this is a PC title, we have of course created some fun and creative keyboard and keyboard/mouse configurations. We’ll have a keyboard/mouse configuration and a keyboard-only configuration as presets, but players will also have the options of binding their own keys for gameplay.”