New York overrides cell phone veto in near unanimous vote

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New York overrides cell phone veto in near unanimous vote

New York (NY) – The New York City Council has overriden a veto by mayor Mike Bloomberg that will give students the right to cell phones in public school.

The bill was passed by the city’s legislators earlier this year but Mayor Bloomberg vetoed it.  This week the City Council voted 46-2 to override the veto, making it one of the most strongly opposed veto in New York.

The law allows all children to carry mobile phones to and from school, and to have it inside school premises, but leaves it up to school officials as to what the policy will be during school hours.

“It doesn’t change anything,” said Bloomberg while discussing the law.  He claims he vetoed the bill because “You’ve always had the right to take a phone to school, and take a phone from school. You just don’t have a right to take a cell phone into school and that’s not changing.”

The unpopular veto is the latest political headline for Bloomber.  Earlier this year, the mayor changed his status from Republican to independent.  He became the first sitting NYC mayor to change party affiliations in over 30 years.

The new law will take effect 90 days from today.