John Edwards takes Texas in unofficial "e-Primary" vote

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John Edwards takes Texas in unofficial "e-Primary" vote

Houston (TX) – John Edwards raked in the majority of votes from 8,000 Texas Democrats who participated in an online preview of the state’s primary election.

The Internet vote, one of the largest of its kind in a presidential election, showed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in second and third place, respectively.

According to the state’s Democratic party, Edwards carried 38% of the vote.  Obama ranked in at 21%, and Clinton pulled a 20% vote.

The voting was restricted to Texas voters and prevented people from voting multiple times, said party spokesperson Hector Nieto.

Though it is highly informal, it is one of the largest state-specific polls to show Edwards with such a clear advantage.  National polls generally rank Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama close together at the top, with John Edwards trailing significantly behind in third.

Texas’s actual primary election will be held of March 4, 2008.