A remote to go along with high-end home theaters

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A remote to go along with high-end home theaters

Arlington Heights (IL) – Bang & Olufsen announced a pricey remote control that not only works with home theaters, but, according to its manufacturer, can learn to wirelessly control any other device in your house that is equipped with remote control functionality.


Called the Beo5, the technology of the new remote control has been in development for more than 15 years and will now become available for a suggested retail price of $560, Bang & Olufsen said today. The device is visually separated into two main parts – a rectangular color LCD display with a programmable touch-sensitive screen of chemically hardened glass as well as a round base with hard-touch buttons that activate the functions on the screen, as well as volume control and channel changing.

According to Bang & Olufsen, the Beo5 is delivered without any features from the factory, but will be customized for each customer at the local stores. Customers also have the option to add and remove features at any time with the help of Bang & Olufsen employees.

The company said that the remote control uses a universal language that can operate any product combination, even products with features and functions “that are not known yet”. Beo5 is also promised to work with “select non-Bang & Olufsen products”. Additionally, the control of audio and video equipment can be with other remote-controlled systems such as lighting, draperies, windows, air-conditioning, or security, the manufacturer said.

The Beo5 is scheduled to ship this fall.