Toshiba announces 160 GB 1.8" CE-ATA hard drive

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Toshiba announces 160 GB 1.8" CE-ATA hard drive

Irvine (CA) – Coinciding with the release of a 160 GB iPod, Toshiba today announced a 160 GB 1.8″ hard drive, which will be available with a CE-ATA interface later this year.

Toshiba’s new MK-series 160 GB drive is the highest-capacity drive announced in the 1.8″ segment so far, but is also the firm’s first hard drive to integrate a CE-ATA interface, which has been developed for consumer electronics applications.

The MK series comes in two versions, as a PATA 1-platter 80 GB versions as well as the CE-ATA 2-platter 160 GB model. The storage density is 228 Gb/square inch in either case. The PATA model is rated at a slightly higher performance (66 MB/s data transfer rate) than the CE-ATA version (52 MB/s), but the CE-ATA model is promised to be more power efficient (0.002 watt/GB compared to 0.004 watt/GB in the PATA version – which means that both drives are rated at the same power consumption overall).

The 160 GB “MK1626GCB” is also slightly higher at 8 mm, as compared to the 5 mm height of the 80 GB “MK8022GAA”, which is interestingly about the same difference that is listed by Apple for the new iPod Classic models.