JVC announces first rewritable DL DVD disc

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JVC announces first rewritable DL DVD disc

Wayne (NJ) – JVC today said that it has developed the first single-sided dual layer DVD-RW disc.

The new DL DVD-RW expands the availability of 8.5 GB data DVDs, which until this point had been limited to the formats DVD-R and DVD+R. According to JVC, the DL DVD-RW discs have a “similar” storage capacity of 8.5 GB – about 1.8 times the capacity of DVD-RW discs with 4.7 GB.

According to the manufacturer, the DL DVD-RW discs can be rewritten about 1000 times; the company promises a 150-fold increase scratch resistance compared to a regular DVD due to a “hard coat” on its RW discs. The company said that the media also has been treated to prevent static and dust-particle build up as well as oily dirt marks such as fingerprints.

DL DVD-RW discs are not compatible with other DVD formats and can only be used (record/playback) in devices that support this format. JVC offers DL DVD-RW media with a capability for 2x recording speeds (up to 22.16 Mb/s) only at this time.

The company did not say when DL DVD-RWs will be available for purchase.