Microsoft plans first Xbox Live Arcade price drop

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Microsoft plans first Xbox Live Arcade price drop

Redmond (WA) – For the first time, Microsoft will reduce the prices of a handful of Xbox Live Arcade titles, but only for a limited time.

From the beginning of the day Sunday through the end of Monday, Small Arms, Zuma Deluxe, Gauntlet, and Dig Dug will be available to download from the Xbox 360 for half their usual price.  It’s a special Labor Day promotion that marks the first of its kind for the Microsoft console.

Sony has offered similar price promotions with its Playstation 3 online service, the Playstation Network.  Some downloadable titles have launched at a promotional sale price before being bumped up to their “official” price.  No Playstation Network game has yet gone down in price, though.  The Wii’s Virtual Console, likewise, has not budged on its downloadable game pricing.

Small Arms and Zuma Deluxe will be available for 400 Microsoft Points ($5), while Gauntlet and Dig Dug will sell for 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50) during the 48-hour period, each 50% off the price you would pay for them today.