Update: NBC tells iTunes to remove its programming

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Update: NBC tells iTunes to remove its programming

New York (NY) – NBC has ended its contract with Apple to provide downloads of its TV shows on iTunes after it was unable to reach a new price agreement for the digital download service.

NBC Universal’s contract with Apple is up for renewal, and according to The New York Times, it will not renew the agreement that allowed Apple to offer several TV shows for users to download at around $2 per episode.

The media conglomerate was reportedly trying to get additional money from Apple, pushing the company to charge more for downloads of its TV shows.  After failing to reach an agreement, NBC will apparently yank all of its video content from the service.  NBC programming currently accounts for about 40% of all iTunes video downloads.

Apple released a statement following NBC’s decision, which reads, “We are disappointed to see NBC leave iTunes because we would not agree to their dramatic price increase.  We hope they will change their minds and offer their TV shows to the tens of millions of iTunes customers.”

Unlike other stores such as Wal-Mart’s digital video service, Apple offers no flexibility in pricing for individual copyright owners and has one set price for every piece of licensed content it receives.