Logitech extends USB headset offerings

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Logitech extends USB headset offerings

Fremont (CA) – Logitech today introduced a pair of new USB-powered headsets made up of laser-tuned audio drivers and a noise-canceling microphone.

The Logitech Clear Chat Pro and the Clear Chat Comfort are the two new products, each with the same core technology but targeted at two different audiences.

The Pro is slightly more sophisticated with a proprietary audio streaming technology from Logitech.  It also lets users swap between different modes, including “Internet calling”, “music listening”, and “gaming” modes, each designed to accentuate the most useful audio features for the intended application.  When muted, the headset will beam a light red glow.

The Comfort is a more basic headset with adjustable headband configurations and plush ear pads.  Both units include in-line volume controls.

Both headsets will be available in the US in September.  The Comfort will retail for around $40 while the Pro will carry a list price of around $50.