Chinese company wants US disk drive company

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Chinese company wants US disk drive company

Beijing (China) – A Chinese technology company is interested in acquiring a US-based disk drive manufacturer, according to an article in the New York Times.

While neither company’s name is revealed in the article, the New York Times rpoerts that government officials in the US are concerned about this move in what it stands for with the future of American-Chinese relations.

Seagate CEO William Watkins was quoted as saying, “The U.S. government is freaking out.”  Watkins continued to say that Seagate was not for sale.  Western Digital, meanwhile, refused to comment at all, says the Times.

“The Chinese have been very concerned about how to invest in the United States without producing [a] kind of political firestorm,” said University of Michigan political professor Ken Lieberthal.

America could block a potential bid for an American tech company from China, said a “former government official” in the New York Times, but that could cause tension between the two countries.

It is a tight rope to walk because the US and China both depend on each other significantly.