Virtual cops to patrol Chinese screens

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Virtual cops to patrol Chinese screens

Beijing (China) – In an effort to curb illegal and immoral Internet use, China will be unleashing virtual cops onto people’s computer screens.  The cartoonish male and female officers will give text warnings while moving across the screen by foot, motorcycle or car.

Web surfers needing virtual help can click on the “police” and be redirected to the Beijing Public Security Ministry.  Initially, only surfers to the top 13 Chinese portals will be affected, but the virtual cops will eventually patrol all registered websites by the end of the year.

It’s no secret to the Chinese that their government already monitors web sites and users for what officials consider “illegal and immoral” content, but apparently this new program is designed to remind people – in a not so subtle way – that the police are always watching.

The program will start on September 1st and is designed to startle web surfers, according to the Associated Press.