144-foot screen breaks HDTV record

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144-foot screen breaks HDTV record

Phoenix (AZ) – Though they’re not exactly World Series staples, the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking to make it into the record books by installing the world’s largest HDTV screen.

The team will set up the 144-foot “Jumbotron” at its home turf, Chase Field, next season.  According to the Arizona baseball team, it will be the largest high-def screen on the planet.

The screen will measure 144 feet wide and 55 feet high, reports the Associated Press, and will be used to display scores and other information during ball games.

The estimated cost to produce and install the screen is $10 to $12 million, a price that will be paid by the stadium’s hometown of Maricopa County in Arizona.

The AP reports Chase Field will also be receiving a sweeping technological makeover, including an overhaul of the stadium’s sound system.