Via releases 1 watt CPU

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Via releases 1 watt CPU

Taipei (Taiwan) – Via has extended its Eden processor family with a new ultra low voltage model.

The new Eden ULV is Vida’s third ULV processor and complements the existing 1.5 GHz and 1.0 GHz version with a 500 MHz variant. What makes this new version special is that it is rated at a maximum power consumption of just 1 watt (0.1 watt idle power), which is significantly below the previously released models, which consume 3.5 watt (1.0 GHz) and 7.5 watt (1.5 GHz).

As all other currently available Eden processors, which also include regular version clocked from 400 MHz (2.5 watt) to 1.2 GHz (7 watt), the new chip is built using the 90 nm “Esther” core with 128 KB L2 cache and a 400 MHz front side bus. Via said that it will aim the CPU at ultra-mobile devices in personal and business computing segments as well as industry applications.