Company claims complete software unlock of iPhone

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Company claims complete software unlock of iPhone

New York (NY) – An upstart company is claiming a complete software unlock of the Apple iPhone.  Coming less than two months after the iPhone’s launch , the hack releases users from AT&T’s exculsive contract and allows them to use SIM cards from any carrier.

The company’s website,, states the unlock does not require any physical modification of the phone and that users won’t need to open the case.  Also no soldering is required.

To prove its claims, the company has challenged news organizations to submit applications for a free unlock.  The top three organizations will be chosen and then iphonesimfree will unlock their phones within 48 hours.

iPhone buyers are basically locked into AT&T contracts since Apple and AT&T signed an exclusive five-year service agreement.  Although the iPhone is currently only sold in the United States, Apple is in negotiations with European carriers to bring the phone across the Atlantic.

Iphonesimfree says it will launch a commercial product later and presumably will charge a fee for every phone unlock.  This unlock, if true, would most definitely affect those negotiations.