Microsoft brings Ubisoft on board to Games For Windows

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Microsoft brings Ubisoft on board to Games For Windows

Leipzig (Germany) – Ubisoft has signed on to publish upcoming games under the “Games For Windows” label, the latest bump for the Microsoft-backed PC game brand.

Ubisoft’s “The Settlers” will be the first title from the French publisher to carry a GFW stamp.

Games For Windows, a brand intended to bring console-like name recognition to PC gaming, is a designation created and maintained by Microsoft.  Third party publishers must meet certain guidelines to be part of the brand.

Though originally seen as a special label for Microsoft’s first-party PC titles, other publishers have joined the group, including EA, Activision, Midway, Sega, Lucas Arts, and 2K Games.

The Games For Windows platform has gained most of its notoriety for the inclusion of “Games For Windows Live”, an online gaming community very similar to Xbox Live.  Some titles even include cross-platform online gaming between the PC and Xbox 360.

Other upcoming third-party Games For Windows titles include Sierra’s World in Conflict, Eidos’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, and Activision’s Bee Movie game.