PSP goes all out with messenger, GPS, and video download functionality

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PSP goes all out with messenger, GPS, and video download functionality

Leipzig (Germany) – The PSP received an unexpected boost this week with announcements of three major new features heading to the portable system in the coming months.

At the Leipzig Games Convention in Gemrnay, Sony unveiled a handful of new applications for the PSP that will unlock its Internet capabilities.

Even though the PSP has more Wi-Fi potential than the DS, that potential has rarely been tapped.  

Go! Messenger will bring an official instant messaging application the PSP for the first time.  Users will be able to send IMs to other PSP owners, as well as voice messaging when a headset is attached.

Additionally, by connecting the upcoming Go! Cam digital camera, users will be able to take part in real-time video messaging.

Secondly, Go! Explore will bring GPS to the PSP.  The module incorporates a GPS receiver and special PSP software to turn the system into a full-fledged global positioning system.  UMD discs will carry a selection of maps, and users can perform all functions found on standalone GPS units like bookmarked locations, route history, and location searching.

Finally, Sony announced a partnership with British Sky Broadcasting, a subscription-based digital TV service in the UK.  Under the new venture, Sony will unveil an online video download service that will allow users to receive content directly from the PSP.

Each of these new features is currently only planned for release in Europe and other Eastern countries.  The products and services will launch in these markets in early 2008.