Wii eclipses Xbox 360 in console sales

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Wii eclipses Xbox 360 in console sales

New York (NY) – The Nintendo Wii is now the best-selling next-gen console, according to a report from VG Chartz.

VG Chartz, which is run by a team of analysts, reports that the Wii has sold 4.24 million units in North America, 3.46 million in Japan and 2.87 million in other countries for a total of 10.57 million units.  The data is reportedly based on sell-through figures from retailers and not just the amount of consoles shipped by manufacturers.

The Xbox 360, meanwhile, is behind largely because of its continued failure to capture Japanese gamers.  VG Chartz shows that only 430,000 units of Microsoft’s console have been sold in Japan, compared to 6.75 million in North America and 3.32 million elsewhere.  That brings the total Xbox 360 sales figure to 10.51 million.

The Wii has dominated the video game marketplace so far this year.  According to NPD research, it has been the top-selling console every month for the first six months.  In May and June, Wii sales were greater than Xbox 360 and PS3 sales combined.

VG Chartz also reports that Nintendo DS sales have reached 48.83 million units worldwide, compared to the PSP’s 22.84 million.