2K unleashes Bioshock

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2K unleashes Bioshock

New York (NY) – 2K Games announced the availability of its first-person shooter Bioshock for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 console.

In Pictures: Bioshock screenshots …Among one of the most anticipated titles for Microsoft’s game console this year, Bioshock puts gamers in a castaway role in the underwater utopia Rapture. Gamers will have to take advantage of available technology in Bioshock to allow their character to survive in a battle against “genetically modified ‘splicers’ and deadly security systems,” 2K said.

The developer said that players can turn everything they encounter into a weapon, biologically modify their body with plasmids, hack devices and security systems, upgrade weapons, craft new ammo variants, and experiment with different battle techniques.

PC gamers who are using a n ATI graphics card should upgrade their system with a new driver released by the company today. A hotfix specifically released for Bioshock “addresses a few small issues found in the DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 rendering paths for the game,” AMD said.