Silent Hill PSP demo leaked

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Silent Hill PSP demo leaked

London (England) – A demo for the upcoming PSP Silent Hill game has illegitimately made its way to the public, available to download from the PSP’s mobile Internet browser.

Konami’s Silent Hill Origins, developed by Climax and set to be published by Konami, is the first entry in the survival horror series for Sony’s portable system.  An unofficial demo of the game is now available from various websites, causing a stir from those on the inside.

Climax blames Konami for the leak.  “That code did not leak from Climax, 100% guaranteed,” said Climax CEO Karl Jeffrey in a story.  “The code that is out there is fingerprinted and was supplied solely to Konami for marketing purposes.”

Well over 1000 downloads of the leaked demo have been reported.  Though Sony has offered virtually no official applications through the PSP’s Wi-Fi capabilities, independent programmers have made use of the built-in Internet browser as a way to download unofficial content directly onto the system.

Silent Hill Origins is slated for release on November 6.