Will Ferrell gets keys to first Hydrogen 7 luxury sedan

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Will Ferrell gets keys to first Hydrogen 7 luxury sedan

BMW has launched its give-away of its previously 100 production-ready Hydrogen 7 cars in North America, Europe and Japan. 25 of those cars will make it to the U.S. and “selected” drivers – mostly celebrities – who will promote hydrogen technology simply by driving and being seen in those cars.


According to, Will Ferrell was first to actually get keys to the rare sedan. The Hydrogen 7 is based on the 760 iL sedan and shares the foundation of its 12-cylinder engine. However, in the Hydrogen 7 it is a hybrid hydrogen-gasoline version that makes only 260 hp and 288 pound-feet of torque, instead of the 438 hp and 444 pound-feet through the regular 6.0-liter V12. Top speed is 143 mph instead of 155 mph.

According to BMW, the Hydrogen 7 has a 2.1-gallon hydrogen tank that will be good for a range of 125 miles. The regular gasoline tank adds another 300 miles. The combined mileage is substantially higher than the estimated 320 miles of the regular 760 iL sedan with a 23.3-gallon gasoline tank.

Don’t put your hopes up that you can get your hands on a Hydrogen 7 anytime soon. There is no word on a general availability of the car yet, but pricing already was indicated to be in the neighborhood of the 760 iL, if the car was available for purchase. The 760 iL has a base price of $122,600.

But if you are interested in just seeing the car, check out upcoming car shows throughout the U.S. as well as BMW’s “2007 Drive For The Cure” this Friday: Several dealerships around the country have announced that they will have Hydrogen 7 sedans available for a test drive.