Wii movie playback unlocked

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Wii movie playback unlocked

London (England) – Video converting specialist X-OOM Software has released a new application that allows users to format movies that will playback on the Wii without modifying the console.

X-OOM Movies On Wii takes virtually any video format and coverts it into a unique format that, according to the software publisher, can be played back on the Wii if the video is saved to an SD card.  The Wii has an SD card reader and a “photo viewing” channel on the main menu.

There are existing console modification kits that allow the Wii to play back DVD movies.  However, by modding the console it becomes vulnerable to inoperability and the warranty is voided.  Nintendo has so far announced no plans to bring any sort of video playback to the Wii.

The software program also contains various basic video editing features.  Currently it is available in the UK for £20 ($40).