Firefly phone gets a digital camera

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Firefly phone gets a digital camera

Chicago (IL) – There is no such thing as a an easy to use cellphone, we know that by now. And even the simplest cellphone on the market, the Firefly phone for kids, is now getting an upgrade with a digital camera, a music/video player and a comprehensive software suite including a calendar and a contact manager.


The new phone, called the Flyphone, popped up today on the FCC website, which means that the device has been approved by the authority and may be just days or weeks away from its official introduction. At first sight, the phone looks much more mature than the current Firefly phones (available in Tweety, Supergirl and Superman flavors).

It maintains a look that should appeal to a younger audience, but introduces an actual number-keypad – which will allow kids to actually dial numbers rather than having mom, dad and 911 on speed-dial and other stored numbers in a PIN-protected directory. The Flyphone also integrates a camera chip that will allow kids to take pictures as well videos. There is also a feature for music playback – music that is stored on a microSD flash card.


The fact that Firefly decided to extend the software of the phone with a calendar and a contact manager looks to us like the company will be trying to extend its market reach beyond the target group of children in the age range between 7 and 10.

There was no information on price and availability of the device.