First Vista Service Pack beta reportedly in circulation

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First Vista Service Pack beta reportedly in circulation

Redmond (WA) – Numerous PC testers claim they have received an early build of Microsoft’s first Service Pack addition to Windows Vista.

Though some loose lips have come forward about the closed beta, specific information in nonexistant.  Microsoft seems to be quite watchful of any leaks.  ZDNet claims to have received tips from beta testers, each of whom claims to have a different build numbers, giving the notion that the numbers are really codes to track down anyone who spills information.

WinBeta has published images it claims were sent from a Vista SP1 beta tester. The images are mainly nothing more than on-screen text indicating the installation of Service Pack 1, but there is a screenshot of a new DirectX diagnostics tool.

In private discussions, according to ZDNet, Microsoft has said that the private beta would begin in mid July, with a public beta soon to follow, and a final release rollout beginning in November.  However, it has never made an official statement regarding the release window of Vista SP1.