Samsung power outage affects 35% of NAND flash output

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Samsung power outage affects 35% of NAND flash output

El Segundo (CA) – Production outages at certain Samsung fabs, taking out 35% of the global NAND wafer output.

An electrical blackout has caused Samsung’s NAND Flash production lines 6, 7, 8, 9, and 14, as well as its system LSI line S, completely halting production of around 35% of the global output, according to industry watcher iSuppli.

However, iSuppli says this could be a good thing for other suppliers because the shortage may drive prices up.  According to iSuppli, Samsung is the top provider of NAND flash with 48.5% global market share.  Toshiba is next with 24.5%, followed by Hynix Semiconductor at 14.7%.

Samsung expected production capacity to be returned to normal during the day on August 4.  Still, says iSuppli, a market shortage would likely extend through at least the first half of August.

If the production problems continue, it could mean trouble for Apple, which relies on Samsung for its NAND technology in its iPhone and iPod devices.