Sony calls for recall of 416,000 cameras

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Sony calls for recall of 416,000 cameras

Tokyo (Japan) – Sony has announced a recall for as many as 416,000 digital cameras because a defect in the manufacturing could cause injuries.

According to statements made by Sony, the affected camera, the Cyber Shot DSC-T5, has a problem with the bottom casing.  The defect causes the casing to warp, creating jagged edges that could scratch the user’s hands.

Around 350,000 of the cameras were sold in the US, Europe, and China, according to Sony spokesperson Ryoko Takagi.  Additionally, around 66,000 were sold in Japan.

The camera, which first went on sale in September 2005, received dozens of complaints from consumers, mainly in Japan, citing the warped casing, which resulted in small cuts and bruises, said Takagi.

Owners of the Cyber Shot DSC-T5 may send in the camera to have the bottom casing replaced at no cost.