NEC and Hitachi announce HDD watercooling technology

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NEC and Hitachi announce HDD watercooling technology

Chicago (IL) – After CPUs and GPUs, there’s now a device to watercool your hard drives as well.


The new device is claimed to be the first watercooling system for hard disk drives and originally was developed for high-end audio-visual computers. NEC and Hitachi, however, said that the technology will also make it into some of its desktops in the near future. The companies said that the system will remain fairly quiet and emit a noise level of just about 25 dB.

Especially NEC has extensive background in designing rather exotic watercooling devices. Back in 2003, the company released a water cooling pump for notebook PCs, currently sells watercooled servers as well as watercooled desktop PCs in Japan.

Pricing has not been announced. 

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