Eurocom introduces quad-core mobile workstation

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Eurocom introduces quad-core mobile workstation

Chicago (IL) – Eurocom has begun offering its heavy-weight Phantom mobile workstations with Intel’s Core 2 Quad processors.


If performance is the priority in a mobile computer, then there is a new option from Eurocom. The company’s D900C Phantom-X workstation can now be configured with 95 watt Core 2 Quad Q6600 or Q6700 quad-core processors. Additionally, the system – we hesitate to call this 12-pound device a notebook – can be equipped with virtually any computer technology money can buy at this time.

Among the available features are a 1920×1200 pixel 17.1” screen, up to two Nvidia GPUs (Go 7950, 8700 GT or Quadro FX1600M), up to three 2.5” 250 GB hard drives, up to 4 GB of system memory, a Blu-ray drive as well as 802.11n wireless connectivity.

Prices for a system for a fully equipped – without a Blu-ray drive, which is available according to Eurocom, but not listed in the configuration sheet – top $7100 and climb quickly into the neighborhood of $800 with gadgets such as external memory devices and software such as Microsoft’s Office suite.