Japanese adult film companies boosted by Blu-ray

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Japanese adult film companies boosted by Blu-ray

Tokyo (Japan) – Adult film makers in Japan will be churning out more Blu-Ray movies, thanks to some technical support from Sony.  According to an article by IDG News (via PC World), Taiwanese companies have obtained Blu-Ray duplicators – the kinds that can make hundreds of discs at a time – and are getting instructions on how to use them from back channels in Japan.

IDG says the Taiwanese obtained the duplicators with the help of a Japanese adult film distributor, but doesn’t elaborate on if Sony knew that the equipment was going overseas.  Sony has a very public anti-porn stance and so far has prevented adult-only movie and game companies from duplicating Blu-Ray discs.  However, Sony has said that it will provide technical support to anyone that has the equipment which is similar to saying, “the cat is out of the bag, so we might as well help you now”.

According to IDG, the Taiwanese should start mass producing movies in August.  Those movies will then imported back into Japan and sell for about $30 to $40 dollars each.

Sony comes out of this looking very clean because it didn’t directly help the adult film industry and no adult movies were duplicated on Japanese soil.  Sony also wins because Blu-Ray disc player owners –most of them PS3 owners – will get better and ahem, more exciting, content.