Xerox announces “greener” paper

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Xerox announces “greener” paper

Rochester (NY) – Xerox said that it has developed a new kind of digital printing paper that can be manufactured using trees more efficiently.


Compared to traditional papers, Xerox claims that its new “High Yield Business Paper” can be produced from about 90% of the raw material of a tree, instead of only 45%. The manufacturing process includes mechanical fibers, for the first time in a high volume digital printing paper according to Xerox, as the company said that it was able to overcome “operational problems, such as curling and dust.”

Additionally, the company said that the new paper requires less water and chemicals and is produced in a plant using hydroelectricity to partially power the pulping process – which is believed to reduce fossil fuel use and result in up to a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Xerox, the High Yield Business Paper is about 10% lighter than the traditional 20 lb digital printing paper it can be compared to. The company claims that the 17.7 lb paper achieves the same opacity of a much heavier 24 lb common paper and offer a brightness factor of 84 – which is average, but below higher quality paper, which typically is rated a brightness factors of 90 and above.

The lighter weight of the paper may especially appeal to mass mailers, as shipping costs can be reduced. Xerox said using the mechanical fiber paper in a mailing of 1000 5-sheet sets of a document would reduce mailing costs by about $80.

Xerox will begin offering the paper on August 1 in 10-ream cartons of 500 8.5″ x 11″ sheets or in 40″ and 50″ diameter rolls. Pricing has not been announced.