Viacom enters deal with Joost

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Viacom enters deal with Joost

New York (NY) – After a tension-filled move to have all its videos taken down from YouTube, Viacom today announced that it has formed a partnership with Joost (pronounced “juiced”), an online video rival created by the founders of Skype.

According to a Reuters report, “hundreds of hours” of videos will be available free for Joost users.  This encompasses all of Viacom’s TV channels, including MTV, Comedy Central, TV Land, and BET, as well as the company’s Paramount Pictures film titles.

While many YouTube antagonists have conceded to accepting deals with the site, Viacom became the first major player to walk away and sign on with someone else.  

Over 100,000 clips were removed from YouTube as a result, including popular videos of shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  Stephen Colbert even incited a highly publicized contest that used YouTube’s platform before Viacom ordered the videos to be pulled.

Joost is one of the newest entrants in the pool of online video sites, officially launching last month.  Created by the founders of Skype, Joost is a self-described virtual TV that organizes videos into separate “channels”.  It is still currently under a closed beta test.