World of Warcraft starts worldwide contest

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World of Warcraft starts worldwide contest

Irvine (CA) – Players will first compete online in five man teams and will then move onto live regional events in the United States, Europe and Korea. The winning teams from those events will compete in the first ever World of Warcraft Global Finals event.

Players in the United States and Europe will start fighting each other on February 16th, while their Asian counterparts will duel each other staring on March 3rd. In the Arena, players form five-man teams and fight to completely eliminate another five-man team in their cluster of servers. From Feb 16th to April 15, teams will be ranked according to a ladder system and the best teams will be transferred to special servers for a qualifying round from April 20th to May 4th.

The top eight teams from each region will be invited to the live regional event and the winners from those will compete in the live worldwide contest. Blizzard hasn’t announced any prizes yet nor has it specified a location for the regional or global events.