BMW rumored to plan iPhone integration

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BMW rumored to plan iPhone integration

Munich (Germany) – According to media reports, BMW will be the first car maker to include integration with the forthcoming iPhone.  The connectivity with Apple’s flagship cell phone is reported to be available in later versions of the high-end 7-Series sedans.

The communication features between the phone and the car will be based on Bluetooth wireless technology and is reported to include more than just standard functionality like hands-free talking.

Having BMW as the maker of the first iPhone car would make sense, as it has been working with Apple for in-car technology for years.  BMW was the first to include factory-installed iPod connectivity and Apple is helping with the new in-dash i-Drive system that comes with high-end BMW vehicles.

The market of iPod accessories is now a strong focus for in-car tech companies, but cell phone connectivity has not yet seen a high level of consumer interest.