DOJ Report: FBI loses three laptops a month

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DOJ Report: FBI loses three laptops a month

Washington DC – A Department of Justice audit has found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation loses approximately three laptops per month. The FBI loses the majority of the laptops, about 2.64 a month, through simple forgetfulness while 1 laptop a month is stolen.

The audit is a follow-up audit to a 28-month audit done in 2002. In that audit, the DOJ found that the FBI averaged more than 11 laptops lost every month. Several recommendations were made after the initial audit and a follow-up report was commissioned to see if any of those made a difference.

While the average of lost laptops fell dramatically, the DOJ was still dismayed at the numbers. The audit also found that departing employees often left with agency laptops and firearms.

In addition to computers, the audit found that, on average, more than three guns a month are lost in the FBI. Out of those three guns a month, about 2.14 are stolen.

The report acknowledged that the FBI is a large organization and that some losses and theft should be expected. The FBI has more than 12,500 special agents along with 18,000 support personal that are spread among 106 US and international offices.

You can view the full Department of Justice report here.