New site "in" to cover packed 2008 presidential election

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New site "in" to cover packed 2008 presidential election

Fairfax (VA) – With talk about the 2008 presidential election already fervently underway, a new site has popped up with an focus on next year’s election, which already has more than 20 possible candidates that are known or speculated to be vying for the White House seat.
By monitoring poll numbers, news stories, and media exposure, measures the horse race of Democrats and Republicans to see where each potential candidate stands.
At the time of this writing, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani was reported as being at the front of the GOP lines, while former First Lady Hillary Clinton clinging to the top of the crowded Democratic ladder.
The site also monitors the momentum for each political figure.  Dennis Kucinich, for example, was seeing a downward swing in momentum when we checked the site.  The site also compiles one paragraph of information for each candidate and streams news feeds of Election 2008 headlines.
2008 is expected to be the first presidential election to have a strong technological canvas surrounding it, with social sites like YouTube no doubt going to magnify every campaign obscurity.  There is already even a video game based on the 08 election, offered by