Zelda becomes Wii’s first platinum title

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Zelda becomes Wii's first platinum title

Redmond (WA) – In less than three months, Nintendo’s major launch title for the Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, has sold more than one million copies in North and South America, making it the first standalone title for the Wii to reach platinum status

The Nintendo Wii

At last check, around three million Wii consoles had been sold, meaning that approximately one out of every three Wii owners has picked up the latest Zelda game.  It was the only title to be sold out at many stores across the country following the console’s November 19 launch, causing Ebay premiums to inflate the $50 game’s price to $80 – $100.
The PS3, which first went on sale within two days of the Wii, has yet to claim a million-selling title, while the Xbox 360 recently set a new record for the platform with Gears of War, already having sold three million copies since its December 2006 release.  Other platinum-selling Xbox 360 titles include Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and the $4 Burger King games.
Nintendo is still struggling to mass produce the Wii, leaving retail space empty more than a month after the end of the holiday shopping season.  The company says it is still on target to have sold six million consoles by the end of March.