Samsung to pay more for DRAM price fixing

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Samsung to pay more for DRAM price fixing

Culver City (CA) – Samsung has agreed to shell out $90 million extra dollars to dozens of U.S. states. The money is in addition to its $300 million settlement the company reached with the United States Justice Department. 41 States will get $90 million dollars with $80 million going to consumers and $10 million going directly to the respective state governments. 

The states started their own lawsuit back in July accusing Samsung conspiring with other chip makers to raise semiconductor prices. Other companies like Hynix, Infineon and Elpida are named in the suit.

In addition to the fines, Samsung agrees to help in investigations of other semiconductor companies. In a purely ceremonial agreement, Samsung also will be barred from anti-competitive conduct in the future, something that would have been illegal anyways.