Nvidia posts game profiles

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Nvidia posts game profiles

Santa Clara (CA) – Nvidia is offering a shortcut to configure your graphics card to the best possible settings in a video game. The company has begun posting game profiles, which the company determined from tests during its “The way its meant to be played” program that is offered to game developers.

The company said that it currently employs 60 engineers in Moscow, Russia, which are testing games on more than 200 different platforms and come up with recommendations for developers how to fine tune certain aspects of the game to achieve higher and better performances on Nvidia cards. The company claims that more than 350 games have completed a benchmark run through the firm’s “Game Test Labs.”

So far, the public game profiles are limited to Battlefield 2142, Dark Messiah Might and Magic, Flight Simulator X and RoboBlitz. Recommended settings are available ranging from the minimum requirement (6600+/7300+) all the way up to the current top models (7900/8800). The profiles are posted in the tech tips section of the Nzone website.